MALY MACHT MUSIK - Emotional-International-Political

Maly Macht Musik - Emotional-International-Political

15 songs
61:10 minutes
***** ***


Conni Maly plays the guitar and sings. Her first foray into the spotlight happened in the Nineties as a member of the all-female riot rock band The Slags who even managed to be signed by a major record label. After the demise of The Slags, she continued as Lava303, occasionally also as Lover303, where she concentrated her energies on goa and psychedelic rock.

To distinguish her rocking material from her dance music, Conni Maly has decided to start another project called Maly Macht Musik that soon released three EPs that could be acquired digitally. After Political in 2015, Emotional came out in 2016, as well as International, this time by Maly Makes Music, as Ms Maly has decided to sing in English on that EP. A successful crowdfunding campaign allowed the three digital EPs to be released on a physical compilation CD.

The CD can be purchased at the artist’s Bandcamp page. It has to be noted that the songs don’t follow any chronological order, and frankly that wouldn’t have fitted with Conni Maly’s mindset. Maly Macht Musik is mostly a one women show, recorded at the artist’s home. Conni sings and plays the guitars. The rhythm is mostly procured by a drum computer. The music has been kept deliberately simple and comes with a certain hippie flair. One might even get the impression that the music plays a subordinate role to the lyrics. The vocals have a spoken word quality, but feel pleasant and soothing. The lyrics deal mostly with different aspects of the establishment: bourgeoisie, radio licence fees, education and a lot of other topics. Also personal topics like stress and sexuality are treated. Conni Maly never holds back with what she has to say and is expressing her emotions very clearly, like Weißt du was... which is a smooth track but the lyrics are really something else.

Maly makes music with a definite lo-fi character that I really like listening to. No matter if she is decently rocking or more contemplative on the acoustic guitar, the songs are always fun. Some tracks surprise as they are quite different, like the gloomy Meisterwerke or Adriatic Blues and Miracle Way that once again show Conni Maly’s love for danceable electronic music.

Until now I have never been disappointed by Conni Maly’s music, and this time is no exception. She is one uncompromising artist and plays her personal idiosyncratic songs that never fail to amaze at being a credible performance of her anger, frustration and melancholy.

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