Mega Colossus - HyperGlaive

8 songs
46:33 minutes
***** ****
Killer Metal


Does Humor Belong In Music? is the title of a Frank Zappa live album, but also a question that still matters thirty years later. In times where especially metal bands take themselves overly seriously, it might feel strange to come across a band like Mega Colossus from North Carolina in the USA. Founded in 2005, they released a longplayer and two EPs under the name Colossus, before they decided in 2016 to change it to Mega Colossus and release the album HyperGlaive under that name.

Looking at the press shots, they look like a weirdly assorted bunch, a bit like a modern day Spinal Tap maybe, with the musicians looking everything from normal to stoner, and from comedian to metalhead. The cover artwork of HyperGlaive also looks like the outtake of a third rate fantasy novel. And yet once you dare listening to the eight songs on the album, you will be more than surprised.

As a matter of fact, Mega Colossus are a thoroughbred true metal band that plays this kind of melodic power metal that only American bands seem to be able to play, even though there are a lot of British / Irish influences, like the dual guitar harmonies that remind of Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy. At times there might even be a certain proto doom metal influence, like Pentagram. The songs are mostly long, played generally in a mid-tempo pace, but the songwriting is full of wit, and the charismatic vocalist with his clear, somewhat high voice carries the material like a king. Lyrically, the band is influenced mostly by science fiction (Frank Herbert) and fantasy (Fritz Leiber) authors, although more serious writers (Cormac McCarthy) have also left their traces. And frankly, in a world which is dumbing down by the day, you just have to admire people that still love to read books.

Mega Colossus play a very traditional kind of metal, and still they have found a niche that has so far been left untouched by most bands. One strong comparison though are Slough Feg. If you are a fan of that extraordinary band, then you will certainly enjoy Mega Colossus’ music. HyperGlaive may be a very late release of the year 2016, but it is definitely one of the year’s highlights. Absolutely recommendable!

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