MINDAHEAD - Reflections

MindAhead - Reflections

11 songs
61:46 minutes
***** *****


MindAhead is a progressive metal band from Pisa in Italy. Although founded already in 2010, it took them until now to release their debut album Reflections. The time has been spent well though, because what the lady and the five gentlemen are presenting is some of the most suspenseful music of the current year.

The band plays progressive metal that hasnít been cloned off other bands, but instead come up with their own quite extreme music which is incredibly rich in ideas. The album Reflections is about how people have different opinions and feelings, and thus see the world differently. MindAheadís music is just as varied and doesnít know any borders, allowing the band to take influence from 70s rock, psychedelia, symphonic and even death metal.

The album starts with a short but meaningful piano intro before things really get going with Remain Intact, a track full of unexpected tempo changes. This is truly majestic metal that doesnít even shy away from a little excursion into jazz territory. The interaction between the brutal male voice and the clear female vocals works excellently, and the band does fortunately without the typical gothic metal stereotypes. Especially the voice of vocalist Kyo Calati is breathtaking, mastering everything perfectly from the melodic to the aggressively brutal.

The songs are full of intricate details that allow you to discover something new every time you listen to them. The albumís magnum opus is the nearly eleven-minute long Amigdala which is not only incredibly suspenseful, but also comes with more ideas than many bands can muster for an entire album. Towards the end of the record, the band shows itself from a quieter but no less dramatic side, and is still open for occasional growls.

The bandís logo comes with uppercase M, A and D, which says enough about MindAheadís mindset. They play complex and unpredictable metal that fascinated me from the very first to the very last note. If only there were more bands willing to take such risks!

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