MINOR/MINOR - Minor/Minor

Minor/Minor - Minor/Minor

11 songs
52:14 minutes
***** **


Founded as a trio in 2013 in the small Belgian town of Waremme (located between Liège and Brussels), Minor/Minor have always been open for all kinds of rock music influences: alternative, heavy, stoner and post rock all find a place in their sound. Three years after their inception, they added another guitarist to the line-up, and their self-titled debut album then finally came out in late 2017.

One thing that must be said about the eleven songs featured on the album is that they take advantage of a truly powerful production. The guitars come with a veritable wall-of-sound approach, the rhythm section offers a solid backbone, while the melodic vocal lines soar over it all with quite a charismatic performance. Some of the songs are actually quite hard, while others turn it down a little, so that the at fifty-two minutes rather long album never risks becoming boring.

What Minor/Minor still lack though is their own signature sound. Despite allowing a lot of different rock genres into their music, they identify straightaway as a Belgian band due to their typical Belgian rock sound, pioneered by bands like dEUS, Ghinzu and Soulwax, and lately also propagated by the likes of Triggerfinger and Thot.

Minor/Minor quote bands like Thrice, Sigur Ros, Editors, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Biffy Clyro among their influences, and I have to admit that my personal taste always veered into a different direction. So if Minor/Minor occasionally sound a little too tame for me, I can imagine that if you share the same musical preferences as these four Walloons, then you might really enjoy this debut album. It is perfectly produced, and it probably did the band some good to wait a couple of years before releasing a first album. The final product is incredibly professional and should appeal to fans of modern day alternative rock.

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