MINOTAUR - Beasts Of Nations

Minotaur - Beasts Of Nations

4 songs
14:33 minutes
***** ***
High Roller


Minotaur is a German thrash metal band that has been founded in 1983. In their over thirty years of existence, they only managed to release two longplayers, plus a couple of splits, demos and EPs. After a seven year break, the four guys are back with their new EP Beast Of Nations, featuring four tracks that sound anything but contemporary.

In the Eighties, Germans were the pioneers of the thrash metal movement, and more than thirty years later Minotaur still define their music as riff based Teuton thrash. Bands like Sodom, Destruction and Kreator are even today main influences of Minotaur, making sure that thrash veterans will get their money’s worth. The songs are fast and never try to be subtle or complex. The two guitars interact wonderfully and the rhythm faction does its best to give the material the necessary drive. Only on Skipping The Sky, the pace is somewhat more sedate, while the remaining tracks are full speed ahead. The cover was designed by Phil Lawvere whose artwork can also be seen on albums from Kreator, Rage and Celtic Frost.

Even though Minotaur have inspired themselves from many great thrash bands, they play their metal in a very committed and creative way. Those who like the primeval sound of thrash will have a jolly good time with Beast Of Nations. One can only hope that a longplayer will soon follow.

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