MODERN TECHNOLOGY - Exploding Head Sessions

Modern Technology - Exploding Head Sessions

6 songs
30:23 minutes
***** ***


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London based duo Modern Technology released their eponymous debut EP only in January 2019, and were already back in November with a follow-up live record. Exploding Head Sessions comes with four of the six songs from the debut, plus two new tracks. In the short year that passed, not much has changed with the guys: one is still drumming, while the other one is playing the guitar and screaming the vocals from the depths of his gut. If you want to know what influenced the band, just check out their Spotify profile where they created a playlist with artists like Shellac, The Jesus Lizard, Black Flag, Melvins... you get it: donít expect any cheerfulness. Instead you are immersed into a grainy monochrome sonic universe of deep distorted bass drones, pounding drum beats that transport you into a post-industrial wasteland, and vocals that are infused with pain and anguish. Apart from the two-minute short Project Fear where the duo is upping the tempo a little, the songs are generally crawling at a sludgy pace between five and seven minutes.

After the half hour of sludgy noise punk rock is over, it is obvious that Modern Technology work just as well on a stage as in the studio. As far as I have discerned, this is a digital release only, and all proceeds will go to the Crisis at Christmas charity that is supporting homeless people during the cold time of the year. Christmas 2019 may be over, but the next one is only a year away. Even though this is a pay-what-you-want release on Bandcamp, the cause should be reason enough to leave a few euros or pounds for this live album that proves that minimalist music can work very well in a live setting when the musicians bring the necessary amount of passion.

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