QBOX - Black Orleans

Qbox - Black Orleans

11 songs
46:12 minutes
***** **
Hell Awaits


One canít say that Qbox are the busiest band in Germany. Founded in 2001, it took them until 2007 to release their debut album. A second album came out in 2009, but then things slowed down again. Last year, after several line-up changes, they came up with a three track advance copy that was quite a nice appetiser if you like hard rock and heavy metal. And now it is finally time for the official release of their third longplayer Black Orleans.

The album starts with the title track, a solid rock number that reminds me strongly of the current Metallica. This is followed by the disappointing The Blade, a very mainstream sounding track that feels uncomfortably close to Nickelback. Next up is Burial, an even cleaner and more commercial sounding piece that could have come from Creed. Fortunately, after this rather feeble start, the band manages to turn the corner, even if itís only in the middle of the album where things get wilder. The second half of the album comes with a more powerful instrumentation and come right to the point. The songs display the bandís metal sensibilities, and even the catchy if still quite rough Psychotic Girls is one of the stronger moments here. The Fame sounds a little more contemporary, but even this is mastered by Qbox thanks to well placed pace changes. The bonus track Hells Kitchen is an acoustic piece, therefore different from the preceding material, but forgivable in the context of a concluding song.

Qbox have experienced with light and shade on Black Orleans. The band members should know that they are best when they are playing rock and metal. They should leave the commercial mainstream territory to their American counterparts. Qbox should rock, nothing more, nothing less!

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