XEBRULA - Demo 2015

Xebrula - Demo 2015

2 songs
11:29 minutes
***** **


Memphis, Tennessee isnít the first place I would expect a progressive math metal band to come from. Xebrula is an instrumental duo which has been founded in the summer of 2013, and just now has released its first two-track demo on their Bandcamp page. As a live band they play guitar and drums, but added some bass guitar on the demo to give it a somewhat fuller sound.

The first thing you notice about Xebrula is their hyperkinetic way of playing. These may only be two tracks, but they are filled with ideas, making one wonder how the two guys remember when to play which part. The opener Flanked is a crazy piece of music that shows parallels to Behold... The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia and maybe even a little Gordian Knot when it comes to the occasional cartoonish guitar melodies. The drummer is the human equivalent of a whirlwind and fills any possible gap with his crazy craft. Neo Geo Ego is similar in tone if somewhat less catchy, but then thatís an adjective one should probably never use when writing about Xebrula.

So there is already a lot of promise. Maybe itís nothing new to play ultra-complex, varied music like that, but it never caught on as a hype, probably because itís too strenuous to be played by the majority of bands who prefer to have a simple three-chord good time. The Demo 2015 is adequately produced for a demo, but at times one wishes for a more powerful and transparent sound that would give more emphasis to the different instruments. Especially the bass guitar feels a little lost in the mix. Maybe itís time for the band to get a full-time bassist or some other instrument to take care of the lower notes.

Until then I suggest that fans of math metal check out this debut by this very promising band from the USAís South. And who knows? Maybe we will soon be hearing more of their mind bending compositions. I am already looking forward for that to happen.

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