YOUNOLOVEBUNNY - Younolovebunny

Younolovebunny - Younolovebunny

5 songs
11:24 minutes
***** ****
Raw Onion


Copenhagen based singer/songwriter Claus Frøhlich definitely has a weird surname, considering that his music is not really cheerful at all, but rather permeated by a sense of melancholy. According to his record label, the artist who is also known as Younolovebunny – named after the PC game "Cursor Love Bunny", the most frustrating gaming experience you will ever have – is one of the most prolific recording artists from Denmark. Since 2003, he has already recorded and released about 1.000 songs, with this self-titled EP being his first recording in a professional studio.

There is of course a certain parallel to Daniel Johnston whose early cassette tapes were also lo-fi labours of love, and whose post-Nineties albums either delighted or frustrated the original fans, according to their expectations. In the case of Younolovebunny, I am certain that delight will prevail. I listened to some of his earlier material, and can’t deny that his hybrid of singer/songwriter with Nineties noise grunge has a definite appeal, but the transparent production of the new EP makes the music of course infinitely more accessible.

The five songs are all between two and three minutes long, and distil everything necessary in that concise running time. Take for instance the opener Burst Of Light, a thoroughbred Nineties lo-fi pop song in the tradition of the K Records label that comes with a wonderfully sad melody that will touch your heart and not let loose anytime soon. The following Hungry Animal Between The Stars is a pop ballad with a warm mellotron part, also great stuff. Song Writes Song is my personal highlight on the EP. The chorus may be strange: your song writes my song and my song writes your song, but it’s so catchy and contagious that you just want to sing along. To Be Kind is also a nice pop song carried by acoustic guitar and once again coming with a beautiful chorus. The concluding Only Love ends an all too short EP in the tradition of Daniel Johnston or Elliott Smith. The 10-Inch limited edition vinyl record comes with an additional bonus track. You can stream a lot of Younolovebunny’s earlier, harsher music on his Bandcamp page, but I could have done with some more of this cleaner material. Let’s hope the prolific songwriter won’t have us waiting for long.

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