MY OWN GHOST – Shadow People


The origins of My Own Ghost go back probably about ten years when two musicians with a gothic metal background (Pronoian Made, Pale Obsession) recruited a vocalist with a pop background, and although the band is from Luxembourg, they soon were signed on the Finnish independent label Secret Entertainment on which they released two albums, Love Kills in 2014 and Life On Standby in 2017. And then came the coronavirus pandemic, which put the band on standby, in a way, but they used the time wisely to write a lot of new songs.

Now the year is 2022, and My Own Ghost are back with their third longplayer Shadow People, this time released on the much bigger label Massacre Records from Germany. Bigger label probably needs bigger budget, because although the band defined their sound already on the previous albums, everything sounds much tighter, better arranged and above all catchier than in the past. The gothic past may only be detected in an certain gloomy atmosphere, although the whole artwork looks rather inspired by the currently popular synthwave movement.

Always at their best on their uptempo material, My Own Ghost know how to craft short but hard-hitting melodic metal songs that could have been major hits in the late eighties. Jet Black Heartbreak for instance reminds me of Alice Cooper’s Bed Of Nails, but also the opener DecadenCity convinces with perfect melody and pace. Other highlights include the short and wild Number 2110 and the single cut Nightdrive which concludes the album. There’s also a lot of more moderately paced material, which doesn’t work so well for me but also show that Julie’s vocals have matured well over the years. Often they are multitracked, which give her even more range.

The current line-up makes actually a rather international band of My Own Ghost. Julie Rodesch and guitarist David Soppelsa are from Luxembourg, bassist Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson is from France and has played already in quite a few bands, among other international melodic power metal band Civilization One which released albums on Limb Music, and where he played with German drummer Michael Stein who used to play with Dornenreich and is currently a member of German hard rock veterans Victory.

But let us get back to My Own Ghost who deliver a dozen top melodic metal songs (plus an intro) on Shadow People. At times I feel tempted to label them a pop metal band, but only in the best meaning of the expression. As Luxembourg’s vast metal scene mostly consists of more extreme bands, it somehow feels as if My Own Ghost are Luxembourg’s best kept secret… hopefully a fact that will soon change.

13 songs

44:12 minutes

***** ***

Genre: melodic metal

Label: Massacre

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